Leonidio is a town in Arcadia and the capital of South Kynouria. It is the center of Tsakonia, an area with a distinct history originating in the ancient years. Leonidio is a fine example of local architecture and since 1977 has been listed as a historical site.

A walk through the narrow alleys and the old market offers a glimpse into the past, as you enjoy the iconic local architecture. Neoclassical mansions, tower houses and churches with unique bell towers are scattered throughout the town center, revealing the rich historical and architectural tradition of the area.

Unique customs, special celebrations!

Easter in Leonidio is unique, as the custom of releasing illuminating hot air balloons in the night sky on Holy Saturday is one of a kind for both locals and visitors. On Good Friday evening parishioners walk in solemnity with their candles through the town to their local parishes along streets that are illuminated with lanterns made from bitter οranges. On Sunday all the residents, along with the visitors, celebrate Easter at the central square where one can watch performances of local dance groups and listen to local traditional music.

The traditional feast dedicated to the locally grown variety of eggplant named “Tsakoniki Melitzana” takes place every year on the last weekend in August since 1998. It celebrates the farmers and their products.

Melitzazz Festival is an open multicultural event featuring open air concerts with various music groups ranging from jazz to traditional greek music complemented by numerous cultural events, all taking place in the first days of early July.

The Climbing Festival, counting a few years of life, is already a reference event for climbers worldwide. Taking place early November every year, highlights the Leonidion Climbing Park.